The Music Scene

I have decided to create a poster for the artist Blockhead. Blockhead consists of one man, Anthony Simon, a dj who works with samples and layering to create a very chill sound. Blockhead began his musical career producing beats for underground hip-hop artists such as Aesop Rock and other musicians on the Def Jux record label. Blockhead has recently gained notoriety as a solo artist with his most recent album, "The Music Scene".

I first heard Blockhead on an Aesop Rock track without realizing who produced the beat. My interest in Blockhead increased after I saw this video by Anthony Francisco Shepperd for the title track from "The Music Scene".

The video is amazing, from the style to medley of colors it captures the essence of Blockhead. So now my goal is to visually represent this artist who blends genres, tones and moods all with a head-bobbing beat. 

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